Top 10 Nightclubs in U.S.

From New York to Las Vegas, From Miami to Los Angeles which Nightclubs are the Top Hotspots deserving your attention:

Night Club1st Place. – LIV
LIV Nightclub is  the biggest club which Miami has to offer, but it’s also one of the most exquisite . It’s all about dancing with Miami’s top-list socialites at this venue, and prepare to spend some serious cash at the bar. The VIP experience at LIV is the representativ party experience for anyone looking to have great memories, making this one of the Best Clubs in the U.S.


2nd Place – MARQUEE LV
Fans of Dance Club music were brought to a great surprise once Marquee opened their doors early this year - a club truly built for the DJs. Not only did they knock it out of the park by signing up one of the world's best DJs to a residency - Kaskade - but the lists in their artist bookings is by far one of the best in the nation. It's only the beginning for this young club, but we're excited to see what they'll bring next years.

3rd Place – The Pool After Dark
If you're not into the sides of Nightlife "club" experience, this is one nightlife place that combines the best of a hotel pool, with the characteristics of a top Nightclub. The Pool After Dark at Harrah's is the locus recommended to every one of readers. The combination of their pool, music and massive glass dome structure that ensure the same temperature year round, makes this one of the best nightclubs in our times.

Night Club4th Place BOOM BOOM ROOM
If you're the type that really likes to spend nightlife in a space where you can make connections with many people in a hidden environment, it doesn't get much greater than New York City's infamous Boom Boom Room. Not only does it rise one of the best views that the Big Places have to offer, but their signature cocktails are made with precision and attention to detail. Unless you  are well connected, don't expect to visit many times this place.

5th Place – XS
There’s something about cabanas that really gets the Nightlife people interested in a club, that’s why when the founders of XS in Las Vegas decided to put in 30 cabanas, it was just an idea for success. Now one of the top clubs in the nation, XS is a common place for anyone looking to have a great time in Las Vegas.

Dance Night Club6th Place – TAO
Las Vegas have a crazy amount of visitors on a daily basis, and it’s pretty fair to say that a majority of these people want to Visit TAO, one of the best Nightclubs in the U.S. There are an crazy amount of options in Las Vegas, but TAO sets itself apart in service and decor. The 10k square foot club is nothing but nightlife energizer, alluring options to luxuriate in any mood.

7th Place – PACHA
With places around the world, Pacha already has a reputation for hosting the best DJs, so it comes as no surprise that Pacha gets great endowment and packs the house entire week. The 30k square foot nightclub is split into four floors, each decorated in their own way (dancers grinding in showers, for example). When the night falls and the DJ takes the stage, Pacha turns into a maze of insane characters all rise for a night of dancing until the early morning.

8th Place – RAIN
There’s nothing like a great Nightclub in Las Vegas, and it always comes to mind first for us. First brought to fame by Music Television, Rain is the main nightclub, prodigal, great sound, awesome lighting effects. They bring in some of the best dance places in the world, as well as some of the biggest number of people.

9th Place – TRYST
A waterfall inside of this nightclub, if that isn’t enough to get you interested, then make it up with the laguna that situated at the bottom collecting all of the water. Tryst is truly a magical club, with over 80 VIP tables inside and outside for the true party people that are looking to make their Las Vegas experience the best way of Spending Time.

Night Club10th Place – SET
The SET nightclub is without any questions one of the most populated nightlife venues in all of Miami. While it may not be in first places like other clubs in South Beach just near the corner, it makes up for it in its esthetics. The decoration at SET nightclub is great and transports you into a lux atmosphere like none other, which is why it is one of the Best Clubs in the United States.


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